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Why use a design agency?

Whether it’s to escape the past, or to catapult a brand into the future, creating a corporate image that attracts and connects with your customer, is key. But how do you know whether you need a rebrand? A ‘one-size-fits-all’ strategy is one of the reasons a brand may fail and why it may be necessary to approach an expert to assist with a rebrand.

How important is rebranding?

Whether you are at fault or not, a rebrand may help to neutralise the negative sentiment towards your brand. But – it must be followed up with authentic and transparent measures to set any wrongs right.

In this sense, a rebrand will very much be focused on improving the trust factor. A rebrand takes the existing elements of your business and realigns them to your updated goals to create brand awareness and loyalty.

Burger King Case Study

In its first rebrand in 20 years, Burger King went back to basics with its new retro look. It received rave reviews from customers and branding experts alike. The rebrand uses a flat design in the illustrations and updated logo, as well as sports a new appetising colour palette with names such as 'Firey Red’ and ‘BBQ Brown'. Aiming for fun and bold, a new typeface called

‘Flame’ was developed too. Watch the video below to see the extent of the entire rebrand.

What is the EW Studio approach to rebranding?

We believe branding can create powerful, positive impact & change in industries & organisations.

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